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Around the year 1894, an American artist known for his travels around the world came to the vast open land of Punjab. This artist, named Edwin Lord Weeks, was known for his illustrations of the oriental world and his role in introducing the Americans to the world beyond the Atlantic ocean. But to his surprise the world he now arrived at was one he did not ever expect to be present in this part of the globe. The artist walked through the gates of Lahore and found in front of him a marvellous city pregnant with life and commotion. It was a city bustling in front of his eyes, and thus a city immortalised through his pen.

Facade of Masjid Wazir Khan

Soldiers of the Punjab

Movement in the Old City

An Early Lahori Morning

An Open Air Restaurant

Women Peering Over the Balcony

Minarets of the Wazir Khan Mosque

Tailor’s at Work

Men Dyeing Clothes

Courtyard of the Wazir Khan Mosque

Men Gather at the Steps of the Mosque

Golden Temple of Amritsar

Flower Merchants at the Temple

A school by the Pond of the Golden Temple

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