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The following guidelines should be followed when writing for the Indus Tales:

  1. Avoid long sentences, the use of overly academic language, and the usage of contractions for e.g. ‘Don’t’ should be spelled as ‘Do Not’. 
  2. Maintain utmost neutrality and complete respect towards the belief systems, ethnicities, and regions mentioned in your writing.
  3. A professional level of grammar and spellings should be maintained. The usage of Grammarly is advised.
  4. Ascertain that all texts are factually correct and congruent with the sources which should be mentioned at the end. Sources should preferably be books and journals.
  5. The usage of BCE/CE instead of BC/AD is advised. 
  6. Relevant images should be delivered with a description and origin. Photos can be open source and procured from Wikimedia Commons. 
  7. Articles should be anywhere between 500 to 1500 words.
  8. Submissions can be sent to


  • Syed Asad Ali says:

    Great work Huzaifa! I have translated and posted my grandmother ‘s pre-partition written book called “Heroes of 1857” at an Indian website called Tawarikh Khwani during COVID lockdown. It was posted on weekly basis in 13 episodes. It was about the resistance put up by Begum Hazrat Mahal, mistress of King Wajid Ali Shah Rangeela of Awadh , Gen Bakht Khan Rohila and Gen Mehmood Khan. My grandmother (1910 Bareilly – 1995 Karachi) wrote this book during her teenage by scribbling eye witness account of few survivors of the mutiny

    • admin says:

      That sounds like a wonderful story that should be present on larger platforms. You should also try contacting a publication house.

  • Samia says:

    Great initiative Huzaifa, I would love to share some of my articles here soon.

  • Uzair Rajput says:

    Brilliant, I was hoping to write about Alexanders Punjab conquest. Could you provide further information. And am I supposed to attach related media or it would be added later on, thank you.

  • Noor Ullah khan says:

    Innovative initiative, I was in quest of a platform where young thoughts get a chance. Hoping to share articles about lost historical figures and some to make people ponder on current situation.

  • Maria Khan says:

    Great work Huzaifa. I also run a history page. Hope to collaborate with you someday!

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