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In the early 50s an American couple were wandering around Chinese Turkestan when due to one reason or the other they found themselves in a mountainous kingdom of Hunza. Out of willpower and with the seasons not on their side as the expected snow was to soon block all passes, the couple departed but promised to return. A few years later the couple returned to Pakistan and flew northwards to the mountain of the Karakoram into Hunza, a land so untouched and pure that in their minds they had arrived in Shangri-La.

Here are the photos they took.

Terraced Fields in Spring

The Proto-Karakoram Highway

The Guide Nyet Shah

83 year old Athlete

Huzukut Girls in traditional attire

Traditional Skill work

The War Dances

The Bridge of Death

The King and the Royal Court

Northern Delicacies

Wisdom of the years past

Land and People

King of the Valley


At World’s End in Hunza – National Geographic Magazine, October 1953.

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